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There is no doubt Ray Allen is one of the best collegiate athletes in University of Connecticut history. His time in the community was well served both on the court and off it. Now, Allen is back in his old stomping grounds not to hit the court, but to give away some sneakers.

By way of a scavenger hunt, Ray Ray is giving away some of his old Jordans in the greater Hartford area. Using his Instagram as a launching pad, Allen is giving out clues to the shoes whereabouts that are hidden across the east coast city. Check out a few places he’s hidden some old Jordan heat so far and stay up to beat on his IG for more.

A old school pair I had laying around

A photo posted by Ray Allen (@rayn34) on

They’re in Hartford somewhere

A photo posted by Ray Allen (@rayn34) on

You know this building!

A photo posted by Ray Allen (@rayn34) on

I decided to get out of Hartford and go south a bit

A photo posted by Ray Allen (@rayn34) on

Source: ESPN

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