How “In My Feelings” Producer TrapMoneyBenny Continues To Reinvent His Sound

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Producer TrapMoneyBenny sits at the epicenter of one of the most year-defining songs to excite pop-culture. With a minimalistic structure defined by a synth melody, chord progression and drum loop, the demo track fell into the hands of Drake to become reworked as “In My Feelings.” Ascending the charts, the Cleveland-born beatmaker has now found himself with a number one single; however, rather than basking in the success, he continues to tenaciously advance and evolve his sound. Captured in his natural habitat of the studio, HYPEBEAST caught up with TrapMoneyBenny for the release of PUMA‘s RS-0 Sound.

Initially pursuing music as a hobby in High School, Benny found himself enamored with the art form. Wanting to become a more consummate creative, he began learning music theory while studying other genres and implementing their structure within his own projects. As he walked through the streets wearing PUMA’s sneaker dedicated to ’80s music equipment, he spoke about how we should seek to challenge ourselves and find new forms of inspiration to eschew complacency.

Watch the visuals below and purchase the RS-0 Game Sound via PUMA’s official site for $100 USD.

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