PUMA Debuts its XETIC Technology with the PUMA Calibrate Runner

PUMA is stepping into the future with the upcoming PUMA Calibrate Runner. The newest sneaker carries the torch of the brand’s performance and lifestyle ethos bound together by its latest achievement — XETIC technology.

The technology is named after “auxetic materials,” structures, which behave in a certain way when they are subjected to mechanical stresses such as compression. In other words, the XETIC foam reacts to your foot whether you’re walking in the city or going for a light jog.

The foam is the result of a research collaboration with MIT Design Lab as PUMA continues to thread the needle of lifestyle embedded with performance features.

“PUMA’s innovation department teamed up with MIT Design Lab because we needed their high- expert engineering capabilities,” – Romain Girard, Senior Head of Innovation at PUMA.

Learn more about the PUMA Calibrate Runner below as it releases at Foot Locker and PUMA.com starting on August 28 for $140.


PUMA Calibrate Runner
Release Date: August 28, 2020
Price: $140
PUMA Calibrate Runner
PUMA Calibrate Runner

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