Puma Basket at Mongolian Shoe BBQ

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Making your own custom shoes has been a hit with sneakerheads for years, but sites where one can make their own custom sneakers right before their eyes have been quite popular.

Last year, Puma released a site called Mongolian Shoe BBQ where one could make their own custom Puma RS-100s and specify exactly which materials and colors on every single piece of the shoes making the number of possible combinations in the millions.

While the RS-100 is a popular model, it is not even close to being as popular as the Puma Basket aka Puma States. The shoe is called the “Basket” when it has a leather upper, “Suede” when it has a suede upper, or “Reptile” when it has a snakeskin upper. No word yet what it will be named when you put wood panel looking material on the upper. Take a look at some models that Sneaker Freaker put together after the jump.

The new model will be available on Mongolian Shoe BBQ in October.






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