Premiere: “John Geiger” by Bizzy Crook & the Backstory Behind the Track

Whether or not you are familiar with the names Bizzy Crook or John Geiger, both are shaking things up and leaving their mark within their respective fields. While Bizzy’s star continues to rise in the rap game, John is applying his creative prowess and reshaping the way people look at sneakers with a bevy of must-have custom creations.

With music serving as the common denominator between the two creatives, Bizzy channels his inner visionary by dropping a song entitled “John Geiger.” Named after the Pittsburgh native, we caught up with both Bizzy and John to chop it up about the previously mentioned track along with what else they have in the works. Read on after the jump to check out the entire tandem interview and be sure to give the song a listen down below. Drop us a line with your thoughts in the comments section below and keep your browsers locked to Nice Kicks for more.

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Nice Kicks: How did the song come about? What inspired you to name the song after John?

Bizzy Crook: I started working on the song the day the freshmen list came out. I wasn’t mad at anybody or nothing, but I just got motivated. John Geiger is a legend and a rebel man. [Laughs] I wanted to make a dope song that paid tribute to someone valid in the culture. There’s all these ‘tastemakers’ these days with more biased opinions than they contribute to the culture. Discover something, put us on to something, break something, change something, do something.

I’ve been following John on the ‘gram for a minute and I like how he moves. Calm, but mad lit. Humble. John is like Jason Statham. [Laughs] One day I saw a picture of the “Misplaced Checks” AF1s on Twitter and I just got the idea. And I’m about to f**k a check up.

Nice Kicks: What was your reaction to the song?

John Geiger: Not even just saying this because the song is named after me, but it’s a feel good, summer, trapish-jam. I bang with it. I like his movement and where he is headed. I already told numerous radio stations and friends about it. It’s kinda surreal but it’s definitely dope. Overall I was shocked, but I also kinda had to head nod that this was supposed to happen. [Laughs]

Nice Kicks: John has been making major headway, or shall I say turning heads in the sneaker game, but not without ruffling a couple feathers. As an artist, have you faced similar adversities and how did you overcome them?

Bizzy Crook: Sometimes you’ve got to ruffle a couple feathers to fly. You can’t be afraid to do your own thing out here. Everybody isn’t going to believe in you and that’s got nothing to do with you. That’s them. You overcome those things by believing in yourself, because that has everything to do with you. You have to be cool with no one else understanding an idea you feel strongly about.

I’m going through some similar adversities right now. Everything I ever went through prepared me for now, and everything that’s coming. You just gotta keep going, keep finessing.

Nice Kicks: How does it feel to not only be influential in the sneaker world but in the music world as well?

John Geiger: This is kinda hard for me to answer without basically just straight up talking about myself which freaks me out. But as honest as I can be, it’s been like that for a minute. Sports, music and sneakers go hand and hand. Athletes aren’t selling sneakers anymore — besides a few like LeBron and KD. I’ve made this statement quite a few times. It’s true, rappers have more influence nowadays, and rappers wanna look the dopest. So if you have someone make fresh new ideas completely different than everyone, they have no choice but to mess with it. I’ve had KD and numerous other athletes want my shoes or want to be the first to have what’s next. But let’s keep it real, some guy that works on Wall Street will still wear the new sneakers on the weekend. Everyone likes fresh new sneakers and new designs. Footwear is at the top right now. So with all that being said, it’s dope to have a musician be down with what I’m doing, but it was only a matter of time and I say that in the humblest way possible.

Nice Kicks: From taking over Miami to crazy tours and now putting your stamp on the sneaker culture, what’s next for Bizzy?

Bizzy Crook: I just moved out to LA, getting in a new creative space for this new EP. Creating one of those special things they’re going to remember for a long time. I always had this impression that the way it works is you make a demo, go to the label and get signed, and then everything happens — but that era has kinda passed. Nowadays you’ve got to be your own label first. You’ve got to create your own structure, create your foundation. You’ve got to believe in yourself all the way first, and you and your crew got to wear a lot of hats.

That’s what we’ve been doing, and people are finally starting to pay attention. We started this label called Good Luck Forever and signed a few producers to create the sound for the new EP. It’s called From Nothing Came Everything. I’ve never told anyone that so I guess we just kind of announced that. I want to put it out in August. There’s all kind of things in the air right now, so anything can happen. But I’m going to make my mark, and let people know that I’m here to stay for a long time. Good luck forever.

Nice Kicks: Bizzy has a strong following with his Good Luck camp and fans. Who would you say plays a major part in what drives the John Geiger signature?

John Geiger: Well all the customs I’m doing are basically me and Shoe Suregon bringing them to life. I also talk to Davin (owner of Premium Co.) every day for input. But my own line that’s getting done now behind the scenes is basically a team of a couple older guys that know the shoe business. I show Davin what I want to do and he gives very good input. Too many people don’t credit the people around them, you have to. That’s why Bizzy is going to do well in this industry. He has a good group of people around him along with a core following.

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