Premier Boutique Sneaker Shirts

Having some nice kicks is great, but wearing them with mis-matching gear is for chumps. Premier Boutique has cooked up a handful of T-shirts to match some of the latest sneaker drops unique from what we have seen in the past. Jordan sneakers usually get most of the custom T-shirt work, but Premier made matches for Dunks, Pumps, and Structures in several colors.

Photos of each shirt with matching shoe after the jump.

Premier Boutique
700 S. Winchester Blvd. Suite 50
San Jose, CA 95128

Premier Boutique Shirt – Nike SB “Skate or Die”

Premier Boutique Shirt – Nike Air Structure

Premier Boutique Shirt – Reebok Omni Pump Lite “Dee Brown”

Premier Boutique Shirt – Nike Dunk Black/White

Premier Boutique Shirt – Nike Dunk Black/Blue

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