Pick Your Kick: Rick and Ro of Burn Rubber’s Sneaker Preferences

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Rick Williams and Roland Coit‘s upcoming Burn Rubber x New Balance 577 release isn’t their first collaborative project. Burn Rubber‘s two founders have produced some of the best collaborations to date with both New Balance and Reebok, but which ones are their absolute favorites? From their original New Balance MT580 to their Reebok Question for Apollos Young, these Detroit players have nothing but great productions worthy of comparison and debate.

We caught up with Rick and Ro to get their personal picks between all of their collaborations, and to ask the popular Yeezy 1 or Yeezy 2 question. Click through the following pages to see what Burn Rubber’s founders prefer, and keep Nice Kicks bookmarked for everything sneakers.

Burn Rubber x New Balance MT580 or Burn Rubber x New Balance US574 “The Miggy”?

Burn Rubber x New Balance MT580 Burn Rubber x New Balance US574 “The Miggy”

Kick Pick: Burn Rubber x New Balance MT580

Rick: “The 580, because that’s the shoe that started it all for us. Without that shoe I don’t think there would be all these other shoes. I mean, there has to be a starting point, and that was it for us. So that will always be my favorite.“

Ro: “I’ll definitely say the original 580. The same thing he said, it’s the first one. We put our heart and soul and everything we could possibly think in our brains into that shoe. It’s kind of like when Nas does his first album, or you see a classic album, that’s how that shoe feels to me.”

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