PF Flyers

PF Flyers??? roots run deep, all the way to the dawn of sneakers themselves, near the turn of the century. Besides being a major force in forging the aesthetics of active shoes, PF is a pioneer in adding ergonomic technologies to their footwear, now ubiquitous in nearly every athletic shoe. The PF of today still draws inspiration from this tradition of comfort, action and looking good and celebrates its 70 anniversary in 2007.

Like many of the early sneaker companies, PF Flyers was the project of a rubber company – more specifically a tire manufacturer. In 1933, as the concept of fitness began to grow, Goodrich began adding an enhanced insert to its sneakers in an aim to provide body-aligning support in active comfort in footwear. As a result, in 1937, Posture Foundation insole technology was patented. This essential advantage was a breakthrough at the time and became the namesake of the PF Flyers brand.

After World War II, canvas shoes became more popular than ever — they were comfortable, durable and relatively inexpensive. American youth led the way in creating this fashion trend and by the 50???s, sneakers were worn everywhere and PF Flyers maximized on this trend by forming a range of high and low top athletic shoes, canvas, sport and moccasin oxfords.

In 1972, B.F. Goodrich quit the shoe business, selling PF Flyers to Eltra Corp, the parent company of Converse. Eltra Corp successfully produced PF Flyers for many years, but the purchase raised anti-trust concerns with the US Justice Department. As a result, Eltra Corp sold off both brands.

Fast forward several decades. In 2001, determined to rekindle the vibrant spirit of the American heritage brand, Boston athletic shoe manufacturer New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. purchased the PF Flyers trademark. The PF Flyers line was thoroughly re-envisioned to be in-tune with today???s active trendsetting adult, encompassing the brand???s broadest range of casual styles yet and pushing the envelope in footwear by incorporating innovative materials never attempted: broadening the line from classic and evolved canvas to inventive, stylish designs in a variety of materials. The fashion-forward PF Flyers line has evolved beyond sneakers now offering skimmers and wedge heels for women and fusion styles for men.

PF Flyers??? new incarnation distills the best of what PF Flyers has come to represent: fun, comfort, and fashion. But there will be no resting on nostalgic laurels: strong brand roots have found the rich soil of playful innovation and serious comfort. It is this 70 year-foundation that allows PF Flyers to set pace with the dynamic, evolving world of modern action shoe aficionados for years to come.