Tinker Hatfield Breaks Down Air Jordan 2010

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Tomorrow, the Air Jordan 2010 finally hits shelves. The windows in the sides and other design elements have been both praised and criticized since we first saw the shoe, but it’s important to realize that everything is in place for a reason. The best source to find out why each element of the shoe is the way it is? The designer himself.

Legendary designer Tinker Hatfield sat down with Complex to break down the Air Jordan 2010 from a performance aspect. While the 2010 may or may not look good, depending on your opinion, it has to protect one of the most physically-demanding players in the league in Dwyane Wade. From the perforation to the heel’s shape, and on to the window, Tinker breaks down why each part of the shoe was designed how it was.

Click here to read Tinker’s breakdown.

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