The Original 1989 Nike MAGs From ‘Back To The Future II’ To Be Auctioned Off

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Actually giving a glimpse of things to come, the 1989 blockbuster smash hit Back to the Future II foreshadowed the advances in sneakers with the Nike MAGs. The sneaker technology the movie showcased finally became a reality last year when the Swoosh released the retro yet futuristic sneakers in extremely limited fashion. And while Nike has not announced anything about another release of the Nike MAGs in 2017, you can now own the exact pair Marty McFly wore in the 1989 movie.

McFly’s actual sneakers were on display during Comic-Con in San Diego and according to rumors, will go on auction in London in the coming months. Prop Store, a movie memorabilia store, currently has the sneakers in their possession and they will likely be auctioned off for over $45,000.

We will keep you updated once the 1989 Nike MAGs actually hit the auction block.


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