OAMC Reveals TYPE 0-1, First Collaborative Sneaker with adidas Originals

Jan 17, 2019 | Darren Griffin |



OAMC, or more formally known as Over All Master Cloth, was a sneaker adjacent brand long before its newly revealed collaborative partnership with adidas Originals. Its brand founder, Luke Meier, spent many of his early years in fashion creating for Supreme.

His career at the streetwear power spanned eight years as a lead designer, working on everything and including sneaker collaborations. Moreover, before a brand realignment, OAMC was helmed by Meier, Arnaud Faeh and Union’s Chris Gibbs, the latter of which is no longer part of the company but is obviously a central figure in both streetwear and sneaker culture. Gibbs still carries OAMC at Union.

OAMC x adidas TYPE 0-1
OAMC x adidas TYPE 0-1

OAMC, although not necessarily on the surface, is deeply entrenched in sneakers. Their TYPE 0-1 for adidas Originals speaks to that experience and tenure. A clever design that easily sidesteps industry conformity, shows Meier’s ability to forecast newness. The shoe’s smooth leather upper appears sloped with a refined elastic strap overtop, enclosing the laceless structure. Yellowing offsets the midsole perfectly, adding a weathered contrast to the eloquently sown and stitched construction.

Meier, professionally trained as a tailor at an atelier in Milan, is an artist of the highest esteem. This only marks the beginning of his new union with adidas Originals, and the TYPE 0-1 the first of an exciting collection.