Not-so-Fab 5 Halloween Sneakers

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In 2005, Nike and Bathing Ape kicked off a trend that would quickly be overdone by footwear companies – special edition Halloween sneakers. While there have been some greats (Dia de los Muertos Dunks, Frankenstein AF1s, etc.) there have been some disasters in the form of a shoe. To celebrate the day, we decided to compose a list of shoes we would NEVER wear while going out Pumpkin smashing.

Pro-Keds brought out a package of five Halloween edition kicks in for 2006, but these were definitely the worst of the bunch.?? Approximately five months before these dropped, Nike brought out the unforgettable and overly faked Invisible Air Force Ones.?? Nice execution of the theme, but these get the failing grade for lack of originality.

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