No.One Footwear Details Their Bespoke Process

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Making sneakers isn’t an easy thing to do. Better stated, making “good” sneakers isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s something that often gets lost in the crowed marketplace of hyped releases, resellers, and many other things that convolute just how difficult it is to create something of value. Mark Gainor, Designer for No.One Footwear, knows this all to well.

In a new video with UPROXX, entitled “What Does It Take To Be A Sneaker Craftsman,” Gainor goes into detail on the difficulty, time, patience and skill required to make a great shoe. He also explains the brand’s process step-by-step, shining a light on the many stages that go into quality craftsmanship. Gainor, by in large, is speaking to No.One’s budding bespoke program, which allows fans to get custom iterations of their favorite No.One styles.

Peep the video below and learn more about the program here.

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