Nike Updates Twitter RSVP Process

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Tired of striking out on the newest Nike release products? Nike store’s release operation has been highly scrutinized lately, but they are attempting to clean up the process by launching a new Twitter RSVP policy for their specific in-store locations. Attempting to make releases a fair and safe process for all participants, each local Nike store will send an RSVP tweet at a random time on the reservation date that signals the start of the RSVP process. Each RSVP tweet will include a product-specific hashtag that is circled in the attached image. In order to successfully RSVP, users must send a Direct Message (DM) to the Nike store account in your area that includes the complete hashtag that is FULLY circled, not a hashtag with a circle cutting through it. Nike does not need to follow you because its Twitter accounts are verified.

DM must include:

1. The complete launch product specific hashtag found circled in the image tweeted by the Nike store
2. Your first and last name
3. Your shoe size (limit one)

Example DM
#FOAM Your Name 11

Based on availability, each Nike store will respond on a first-serve basis to correct submissions with a DM response, which confirms your opportunity to stand in that specific store’s line to purchase your requested size. Once you have a confirmed RSVP, you must pay for and pick up the launch product in person with identification on the day of the release during the time frame specified by the specific store.

This system only works for in-store releases, not the online process through @NikeStore. Do you think this is an improvement on the release system? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below, and get details and more information at Nike.

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