Nike Threatens Contract Termination Over Custom Cleats

Nov 13, 2014 | Pierce Simpson |



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With technology being at the forefront of today’s culture and images being shared at the click of a button, it’s not unfathomable to believe that you could garner the attention of a billion-dollar corporation. This notion couldn’t have been more evident for SolesBySir, as the Miami-based artist recently discovered Nike’s displeasure of his custom work for NFL players. SolesBySir’s elaborate clientele includes the likes of Reggie Bush, DeSean Jackson and Dez Bryant.

The aforementioned artist took to his Instagram page on Thursday afternoon to showcase a letter stating Nike’s displeasure with his artistic rendering’s of the iconic swoosh models. Within the letter, Nike proclaims: “Nike views third-party customization (or post-embellishment) of Nike footwear to be a violation of the Contract, triggering Nike’s right to terminate the Contract”. Going forward, it’ll be interesting to witness how things develop considering custom cleats are becoming a mainstay within the NFL.

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