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Nike Skateboarding broke ground in March, 2002 as Nike took its big step into the $1.6 billion skateboard shoe industry. Nike made this launch with the release of 4 pairs of Nike Dunk SBs. These Dunk SBs were part of the “Artist Series” Dunks. The 4 pairs were designed by skaters Gino Iannucci, Richard Mulder, Reese Forbes, and Danny Supa.

Nike Skateboarding has been going strong for over 4 years now and has exploded in popularity. There are many sneakerheads who only live for Nike skateboarding shoes. These sneakerheads have even received the term SB heads, a take off on sneakerhead.

Collecting Nike Skateboarding shoes is not for the poor, thats for sure! Nike SBs sell in stores for as low as $59.99, but some of the rarest Nike SB Dunks sell for as much as $2,000! I bet no one at Nike Skateboarding ever thought that this would happen to Nike SB shoes!

Nike SB (Nike Skateboarding) shoes are not sold everywhere either. These are sold, for the most part, only in exclusive skate shops. Check out the official Nike Skateboarding website to see where you can find a new pair of Nike Skateboarding SB shoes.