Kyrie Irving’s Mashup Shoe is Dubbed the Nike Kyrie S1Hybrid

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Through the start of the 2017-18 NBA season, few players are clicking quite like Kyrie Irving. After starting 0-2, and the unfortunate injury of teammate Gordon Hayward, Irving has championed a ten-game wining streak for the Celtics in which he’s been dazzling and unstoppable. More than that, though, Irving has been serving up looks via his Nike Kyrie 3 and a pre-game hybrid shoe now officially titled the Nike Kyrie S1Hybrid.

Taking elements from the Nike Kyrie 1, Kyrie 2 and Kyrie 3, all add to the model’s functionality by offering their most striking sartorial and performance-based details. It is unknown exactly when the Nike Kyrie S1Hybrid will release, but we’ll be patiently awaiting that day and the inevitable unveiling of the Nike Kyrie 4.

Nike Kyrie S1Hybrid
Nike Kyrie S1Hybrid

Source: J23app

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