The Nike Re-Creation Program Gives New Life to Vintage Garments

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Nike counts on creativity as they continues to advocate for sustainable initiatives. In their latest stride towards a zero-carbon and zero-waste future, they introduce the Nike Re-Creation Program. This new project takes locally-sourced vintage garments and transforms them into one-of-a-kind sportswear pieces.

The commencement of the Nike Re-Creation Program begins in the city of Los Angeles. The collection includes three exclusive fleece hoodies and crewnecks inspired by LA. Each piece is carefully restored through an extensive process that includes cleaning, dyeing, stitching, and patching. All of the pieces have an individual flair, but together, the entire collection makes a mosaic that represents creativity, community, and sustainability.

The unique Nike Re-Creation Program pieces can be purchased in the Nike store at The Grove in Los Angeles. For more Nike releases and updates, follow @NiceKicks on Twitter.

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