Nike Hyperize “White Men Can’t Jump”
Earlier this week we gave you international heads about a release of the Nike Hyperize “White Men Can’t Jump”, but thankfully we can inform Stateside sneakerheads that they can get in the mix this weekend too. The Nike Hyperize will debut in the US on Saturday, July 18th with a quickstrike release. The two pairs are inspired by the two bad boys of the feature film White Men Can’t Jump.?????

Nike didn’t skip out on any details coloring up one pair for Billy Hoyle inspired by the colors of the Nike Air Command Force. Even down to the insole, the shoe features details that tie back to the Woody’s character in the movie.?Sidney Deane?is well represented with details such as his flip top cap on the tongue and colorways inspired by his getup in the film. Another detail includes the famous quote “You can listen to Jimi, but you can’t hear him.”

Sneaker Politics of Lafayette, LA will be receiving both pairs and will have them available Saturday, July 18th for $125. Phone orders will be accepted. Click here to see the full flyer.

106 Arnould Blvd.
Lafayette, LA 70563


Nike Hyperize "White Men Can't Jump"