Nike Hyperdunk

Along with the backing and co-sign of Kobe Bryant, Nike launched the instant classic Nike Hyperdunk in the summer of 2008. It easily became the lightest and strongest basketball shoe ever at the time. Its release coincided perfectly with the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Therefore, its lightweight performance level allowed the company to support athletes from over 100 countries.

At only 13.0 ounces, the Nike Hyperdunk is 18 percent lighter than the average Nike basketball shoe. Since Kobe is one of the major backers of the Hyperdunk, he wore this particular shoe during the first half of the 2008-09 NBA season. Kobe runs an average of 2.5 miles a game and what this sneaker gives him is more energy. After all, less weight on the feet means more energy on the court.

Creating and covering as much space as possible on the hardwood is ideal in this day’s NBA. The Hyperdunk’s lightweight capacity allows the athlete to move with grace on the court. Athletes need superior lightweight footwear and apparel that they can compete in with confidence and that is exactly what the Hyperdunk entails.

As stated by Kobe Bryant himself, “The Nike Hyperdunk is extremely lightweight, strong and responsive to give a real advantage on court,” said Bryant. The Hyperdunk combines two new Nike innovations: Flywire technology and Lunarlite foam. Flywire redefines footwear construction, shaving off weight and adding strength, allowing athletes to be lighter on their feet and faster on the track and on the court. Lunarlite foam features a unique cell structure making it lightweight and ultra responsive as a cushioning system.

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