Nike Huarache x Air Max BW Hybrid

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The hybrid hype continues at the Nike lab. While some Air Max kicks are losing cushioning (Air Max 95 and 97 notably), hybrids have been putting some some landings on the retro shoes. The Air Max 360 sole has been a nice addition to the Air Max classics for comfort, but design and style is another argument.

While I could understand the Air Max 360 sole hybrids to enhance the performance of older models, I am a little confused by the retro-orgy that has been going on lately. This shoe is the product of the Air Max BW and the Huarache getting too friendly. While the shoe looks alright blended together, for a fan of either model its a little hard to stomach.

Giving credit where it needs to be given, Nike was not the first to think of a hybrid between the Huarache and the Air Max BW. Jason Bass of JB Classics put together a shoe that had the upper that resembled the Huarache trainer and a sole that resembled the Air Max BW. Coincidence, maybe, but the hybrid hype is starting to feel like “attack of the clones.”?? Pics from Footurama.



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