Nike Introduces the New Phantom GX Football Boot

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Nike introduces its latest football boot the Nike Phantom GX. As the newest installment of the Phantom line, the boot features one of Nike’s most advanced cleats yet with new technology that is said to enhance precision.

The Nike Phantom GX is made from 20% recycled content and features Gripknit yarn uppers inspired by fingertips. The lightweight upper gives athletes flexibility while maintaining grip and warmth, without having an extra layer for weatherization. This allows players a better connection from boot-to-ball.

The boot is complete with a new agility plate that features 13 different studs, with five of them being Tri-star studs. Using the highest stud variation in Nike’s lineup, the Phantom GX supports athletes with stability for multi-directional bursts during gametime.

Nike’s Ghost Lace system is also featured on the Phantom GX, which was previously used on the Phantom Vision 1 and 2. This seamless lacing system gives the boot more surface area and complements the Gripknit uppers.

The Nike Phantom GX will be available in 2023. Take a look at the boot below and follow @NiceDrops on Twitter.

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