Nike Files Lawsuit Against John Geiger Over The GF-01

Nike has been bringing the hammer down on designers and customizers with lawsuits and the Swoosh is taking designer John Geiger to court over his GF-01 sneaker.

In a post to his Instagram, Geiger has posted a statement of how Nike has been taking benefiting from the customizer and bespoke sneaker community and is prepared to fight the lawsuit. Geiger was at the forefront of the bespoke sneaker customization that started a few years ago with his “Misplaced Checks” Nike Air Force 1 customs and also contributed to the design process of the Nike Zoom Revis which dropped in 2012.

He also states that the GF-01 was inspired by the Nike Air Force 1 Low but has his own trademarks, uses high-end designer quality materials, and has made enough changes to the sneaker. Geiger states that he’ll be transparent and vocal about what happens with the lawsuit.

What do you think? Is Nike being a bully and continuing the take down the little guy or are they just protecting their brand? You can read John’s statement in full below and let us know your thoughts on Twitter and Instagram.

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