Nike Air Zoom Flight The Glove “OSU” PE

Gary Dwayne Payton II chose to follow in his father’s footsteps when he committed to play basketball for the Oregon State Beavers like his dad did before going pro.  While we saw some Oregon State inspired Nike Air Zoom Flight Gloves release a few years back when The Glove returned to stores, GII has something exclusive to wear on court.

Just shared on Instagram a few hours ago, the Nike Air Zoom Flight The Glove is dressed in all orange complete with Gary Dwayne Payton II’s “GII” logo on the zipper cover and his jersey number stitched to the side.  No word yet whether the Beavers will be outfitted in The Gloves or if this is just a PE for him.

Gary Dwayne Payton II’s “OSU” PE Nike Air Zoom Flight The Glove

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