Nike Air Max 95

The Nike Air Max 95 was the first of its kind when it was released in 1995. Nike revolutionized running shoes when it released the Air Max 1 in 1987 being the first shoe to have visible Air Max cushioning. The Nike Air Max 95 was the first running shoe in history to have forefoot and heel Air Max cushioning.?? The Nike Air Max 95 was a huge hit when it was released. It came out in many famous colors that have been retroed many times such as the Neons, Slates, and Emeralds. The Air Max 95 was so successful that it was first “retroed” only 2 years after its release in 1997/1998.

The Air Max 95 was also the first Nike shoe to have an Air Max heel which was compressed to different pressures. The air pressure ranges from a low 5PSI in the back of the heel to 25PSI directly underneath the heel to provide optimal cushioning. Not only did the Air Max units provide second to none cushioning, but it provided great heel support.

Since the Air Max 95 were running shoes, they had 3M reflective material on the back and front of the shoe. The reflective material makes the shoes very visable with even the lowest of indirect light hitting the Air Max 95 shoes.

At first, the Air Max 95 was designed for performance and function, but it lately has been bought more for fashion and casual wear.

The most regularly released Air Max 95 is the “Neon” colorway.?? This colorway has returned on an almost regular basis popping its head up every couple of years, but never lasting at retailers for much time.