The Nike Air Huarache “Hot Lava” is On the Way

words // Darren Griffin:

No matter your “all-red” sentiments as they relate to sneakers, your favorite brand’s mind is made up in the matter. It can’t stop, won’t stop, and you need not even concern yourself with it anymore. But for those naysayers, trust us when we say it’s not all bad. The Nike Air Huarache “Hot Lava” is a shinning example of the good. Now this may be due in large to the fact that you really can’t ruin this pair of Huaraches, but even in spite of that fact they look great. Available now at a few overseas accounts including afew, keep your eyes peeled for the Stateside debut of the Nike Air Huarache “Hot Lava” colorway. But don’t be surprised that if and when you do come up on a pair they’re in women’s sizes.

Nike Air Huarache “Hot Lava”