Nike Air Force 25 Low at NikeID

The Air Force One had sales better than ever in 2007 with more than one hundred SKU’s or Air Force Ones as the shoe celebrated its 25th Anniversary.?? To celebrate the release, Nike recreated the Air Force 1 to the standards of 2007 in an attempt to redefine what a basketball shoe is to be just as the original did in 1982.

To say that the Air Force 25 was a success would be terribly misguided.?? In its debut year of the Air Force 25, Nike only produced the shoe in a mid stop silhouette – a cut that is hardly popular amongst Air Force 1 aficionados.?? Though worn by some of Nike’s top NBA athletes, the shoe didn’t catch on with performance minded buyers either leading to stockpiles of the shoe at Nike Outlets on clearance.

The debut of the Air Force 25 Low this year was a quiet one without much attention or notice, but hopefully the addition of the shoe to NikeID will help give the shoe the rise in popularity that it needs.?? Get to work on yours at NikeID for $120.

Nike Air Force 25 Low at NikeID

Nike Air Force 25 Low at NikeID

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