Nicole McLaughlin, O-1, and Russell Athletic Collaborate for a Greenhouse-Exclusive Release

New York-based designer Nicole McLaughlin, known best for her creative ability to upcycle products into sustainable masterpieces that are fashionable, is teaming up with Dao-Yi Chow and Russell Athletic for a Greenhouse-exclusive collection.

Dao-Yi Chow’s New York-inspired streetwear collection and affinity for sustainable fashion through his O-1 label shine with this collaboration. It reflects each brands’ innovative spirit and a conscious approach to upcycling.

We’ve been a big fan of Nicole’s work for a long time. Her energy around design and upcycling is exactly what the industry needs more of.

It’s not about making more ‘green products,’ it’s about changing attitudes around consumption and challenging the perceptions of products and their life cycles.

O-1’s Dao-Yi Chow

It’s great working with Dao-Yi, Russell Athletic, and Greenhouse to create something that embodies the true spirit of upcycling that thoughtfully utilizes all leftover components.

Nicole McLaughlin

Take a detailed look at the collection below. The slippers ($225), hoodie ($200), large bag ($150), and small bag ($120) release on the Greenhouse app on April 9 with limited quantities at Foot Locker online on April 16.

Nicole McLaughlin x O-1 x Russell Athletic

Release Date: April 9, 2021 (Greenhouse) April 16, 2021 (Foot Locker)
Price: $120-225

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