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With Black Friday having just taken place, hurting many of our wallets, it’s a bit of surprising to see the staff make the choices each member did. Rather than opt for this week’s many drops, a most Nice Kickers chose shoes that won’t see a release for a long time. Which was your favorite shoe from this holiday week? Head to the comments section and let us know.

Matt Halfhill

Nike and DeLorean killed it with this collab. Everything about this shoe inside out including the packaging is on point. Never mind the carbon fiber looking footbed or stainless steel looking upper, the outsole absolutely kills it drawing a perfect parallel to the taillights of the DeLorean. Props to the designer on noticing this detail.

Consider this shoe a defining moment in Nike 6.0.

DMC-12 x Nike 6.0 Dunk Low “DeLorean”

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