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Sneaker culture is global, but it’s always been flourishing in the Philippines. Thus, for the first time in Nice Kicks history we will be hosting an international event with Sole Slam.

Rarely does this culture witness something that is completely unique. In between those rare moments, we have gaps; gaps filled by products from biters and innovators. Biters replicate, innovators create. The latter has the ability to connect two unrelated things and spawn something of his own. With who do you stand by? owners and founders Matt and Allison Halfhill are standing by Sole Slam and will be on hand at this very special event. Partnering out of a deep respect for the Sole Slam brand and a longstanding appreciation of sneaker culture in the Philippines, you won’t want to miss it.

Set to take place on October 18th, additional details are listed on the flyer below. Vendors, exhibitors, media outlets and sponsors can contact Cara at +63 915 802 0808 and [email protected] for further information.

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