Nice Kicks LA Hosts Dinner, Event to Celebrate Adidas POD

Jun 19, 2018 | Matt Halfhill |



Twenty hand-selected individuals were invited to the Nice Kicks LA shop for Friday evening to celebrate the arrival of Adidas’ latest shoe – the Adidas POD. The people selected for the evening event included LA-based artists, curators, and creators. Upon arrival, many conversations took place over drinks before walking upstairs to the Adidas floor in the Nice Kicks LA space that included a buildout for the Point Of Deflection System. 

Hosted by Denise Jones, attendees were given an overview of some of the latest products from Adidas along with a quick breakdown of the Adidas POD System. Adidas’ new Point Of Deflection System utilizes three key components that are by every measure sound individually, but together build a fantastic shoe. Each of the three primary elements of the Adidas POD was good on their own, but together created something much better. The heel features Boost where you need it most in a cutaway shape that drew inspiration from a shoe from the Adidas archive from the early 90s. The forefoot of the shoe gives more bounce with every step with responsive EVA and a side profile similar to that of

Following the walkthrough of the product, things were brought full circle by Denise when she drew the parallel that each of the twenty individuals was good alone, but could be better together.  

Eyebrows raised and heads nodded – the tone for the evening was set.

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Nice Kicks LA transformed the first floor of the space for the evening removing every single fixture and shelf to create a unique atmosphere.

Renowned chef and restauranteur Michael Hung created an exclusive three-course dinner for the evening drawing inspiration from the three primary components of the Adidas POD.

Projected onto the 20-seat dining table was content created around each dish and its connection to the different part of the shoe it represented which took storytelling to new heights as well as a unique combination of senses.

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After each course was introduced and enjoyed, the table was filled with conversation and collaboration between individuals sharing insights and opinions on not just past work but the direction they see for the future.

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The Adidas POD-S3.1 is available now at