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With the NFL season approximately five weeks away and training camps already in full swing, football fans are anticipating another exciting season on the gridiron. As league parity remains at an all-time high, fan bases are intrigued at the notion of their favorite franchise representing their respective conferences in Arizona during Super Bowl XLIX this February.

As anticipation builds, we have decided to capture this emotion by providing you with a list of the Nice Kicks All-22, a positional breakdown of the top sneakerheads in the NFL.

Last Friday, we detailed the top sneakerheads on offense. Today, we take a look at the defensive starters of the All-22 roster.

This former Clemson Tiger may be best known for his elaborate dance moves whenever he racks up a sack, but for followers of the sneaker culture, his rotation of solid footwear is more of the focal point. After being selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2012 NFL Draft, Branch has developed a solid reputation as an edge rusher with immense potential for becoming an all-pro candidate in the near future.

While Branch’s profile may remain niche amongst die-hard NFL fans, his knack for having the best sneaker collection amongst his peers has been well documented. With a collection that consists of Kanye-designed sneakers, such as the highly coveted Louis Vuitton Dons, Branch seems to enjoy indulging in the more high-end sneakers market. With staples such as YSL high-tops that are fittingly nicknamed the “French Jordans” according to Rudy Gay, Balenciaga Arenas in various colorways and Christian Louboutins also comprise Branch’s collection. However, before you sneakerheads get too riled up, Branch has his fair share of retro Jordans and Nike trainers, too.

Jacksonville will look to make some noise this season in a seemingly resurgent AFC South, and while Andre Branch may not be a household name at the moment, the 2014 season could possibly dispel that notion.

A look at Branch’s on-the-field heat:

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