My 5: Regular Ol Ty’s Sneaker Rotation

This July, My 5 on Nice Kicks is focusing on store owners and managers at some of the best boutiques in the biz. We start in the Windy City, with Regular Ol Ty of LEADERS 1354. Besides helping make LEADERS one of the best boutiques and brands in the sneaker realm over the past decade (they celebrate 11 years in August), Ty is also well known for his distinct style and deep/diverse collection of kicks. We caught up with Ty to hear what he’s rocking this summer in Chicago. Read on to find out.

Air Jordan 1 “Pyton” Custom by JBF & “RTTG/Vegas”

Regular Ol Ty: “I wore the JBF Custom 1s to the Jordan Brand All-American Game this past April and also to Nike’s Sneaker Ball in February. Everywhere I go everyone loves them. They always want to touch them and ask how he did it. I tell them he takes everything apart and puts it back together . It’s not like he’s putting the fabric on top of them, he’s actually taking them apart. Jake had done a pair of “Black Python” Jordan 4s for Revis and I had just got those 1s so I hit him up and he did them for me. For all other Jordan 1 occasions, the forgotten RTTGs are clutch. Both work with shorts and denim.”

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