My 5: Lil Dicky’s Sneaker Rotation

“If I’ve got like Drake on me, then Kevin Love sets a pick, then LeBron’s on me, then I have to figure out if I can post up Kevin Love on Drake?”

Not many people dream aloud about strategy, but that’s what makes Lil Dicky different. Aside from one day dominating the rap scene and soon after creating the next Curb Your Enthusiasm, the “Jewish Rec League Stephen Curry” hopes to eventually start a rapper/NBA player 2-on-2 tournament for charity. For a man that DMs with KD and gets love on Nah Right, this dream may not be far fetched.

So what’s Dicky wear on court, on stage and even on dates? We found out for the latest My 5.

adidas T-Mac 1

photo via moy 100

Lil Dicky: “As a kid, I could never play basketball in a pair of shoes that weren’t a player’s shoes. I was so into T-Mac. Those came out at the age when I’d lower the hoop to 8-feet and be able to dunk. I loved the black and blue color scheme and how they swerved to the left. They just make me think of childhood so I wanted them back. I play outdoors in them now. I don’t really wear shoes as a fashion thing for the most part, I’m pretty plain. But those I wear when I’m lounging or playing any outdoor sport.”

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