My 5 // Dillon Francis’s Sneaker Rotation

Wolverine 1000 Mile Evans Boot

Wolverine 1000 Mile Evans Boot
photo via Today Clothing

Dillon Francis: “I’m not sure that many people who’ve done this interview have featured boots, but way way back I use to be obsessed with the 1950’s. I use to wear a pompadour hairstyle and wear cardigans with ties. I always, always tried to find a pair of boots that fit my feet well, but could never find them in LA. I have baby feet! I wear a size 10.5 but my feet are very skinny! I ended up finding these boots in Japan and these boots fit incredible. These boots are suppose to we worn in, I think you have to walk 100 miles to break them in. I really like the fit of these boots and they make me feel like a rugged man! Rugged man boots!”

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