My 5: Derek Curry’s Sneaker Rotation

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In less than six years, Derek Curry has built Sneaker Politics into a three-store operation in Louisiana. With shops in Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Sneaker Politics is home to the best accounts in the business and limited releases of all varieties. Continuing our store manager My 5 theme for July, we caught up with Derek to hear what’s in his current rotation.

Nike Air Max 1 OG White/Red

Derek Curry: “Every time that shoe comes out I buy three or four pair. Since ’99, that’s been my favorite shoe ever and I’ve always worn it non-stop. I thought they did a great job on the OGs. I like the mesh on them and I’m glad they didn’t over-yellow them. They were tastefully done.”

Nike Flyknit Racer “Multicolor”

Derek Curry: “I love that shoe. I’ve been wearing those like every day. The first day I was in New York I beat them up running around town. It’s just a great shoe– super light and the colors look cool. I definitely prefer the Racers over the Lunars and the Trainers.”

Air Jordan 1 RTTG “Vegas”

Derek Curry: “I don’t know how they made it into my rotation, but I really like them. The leather on those are so nice. That was a really slept on shoe. Honestly, they sat on the shelves forever. I started wearing them with jeans for going to the club and gradually they went into my rotation. I kind of wish I had another pair.”

Nice Kicks x Ronnie Fieg x ASICS Gel-Lyte III 2.0

Derek Curry: “I’ve been wearing those a lot lately. Matt (Halfhill) actually gave those to me. My red pair almost beat to death, since those were my tailgate shoes for college football. I buy all those releases. When Ronnie first started doing them at David Z I’d buy them. They were super easy to get, 90 bucks, just the greatest shoe ever. Everyone would always ask me about them because I’d wear them all the time but they weren’t huge yet. I just always wore them and Matt knew that. He sent me a pair and I’ve been wearing them ever since.”

Nike Air Pegasus 83/30 “30th Anniversary”

Derek Curry: “I think I’m the only store in the country that ordered that shoe. We sold out the day they landed and we re-ordered them. People were asking us if they were a collaboration. It was crazy. I’ve never seen that color combination on anything. The colors popped out to me when I was ordering and I thought they were cool. As soon as you put them on they’re super comfortable. Just a great, everyday shoe to run around in.”

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