My 5: The Cool Kids’ Sneaker Rotation

Jul 8, 2011 | Ian Stonebrook |



Life after Js? It?s a scary thought for some but not The Cool Kids. Having rocked retros for years on years on years, Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks continue to stay ahead of the curve. While the Midwest MCs aren?t ?off? sneakers they are ?on? to some new things, mixing up staple shoes with obscure classics. What are Chuck and Mikey rocking in the days leading up to their debut album? Find out in this dual-disc release of My 5.

Sir Michael Rocks

Air Jordan 6 Black/Infrared

Sir Michael Rocks: “I?ve got Jordans in the rotation, but these are the most recent wear. They go with classic Bulls apparel, and they?re the 6s, one of the hardest pairs ever. I?m really only messing with the original color Jordans. Those are like Jordan 1s to me. The 6s go with a lot of different stuff. They?re orginal, classic Jordans. The Jordan game?s a little congested right now so I?m gonna let it breathe for a little. I?m gonna always be on the Mikes though because Chicago?s where it?s from and we did it the hardest. I?m kinda feelin? a couple different things shoe wise.”

Ralph Lauren Boat Shoes

Sir Michael Rocks: “I?ve got an affinity towards ?em. They go with a lot more of the stuff I?m wearing now. They?re casual but they?re still comfortable. It?s not like I?m about to go hoop in ?em, but they?re still comfy. I?ve got a couple pairs of Ralph Lauren joints, some yellow ones with a white sole and some brown ones with gold eyelets.”

Keds Champion Lo-Rise

Sir Michael Rocks: “They kinda look like Vans but it?s a thinner sole. It?s more of a walking sole than a skateboard sole. They?ve got the cool leather laces, they come in solid colors that I can throw on with a couple different things and get a couple different looks out of ?em.”

Clarks Jink Brown Suede

Sir Michael Rocks: “Low, suede, with a thinner sole than the Wallabees. They?re super comfy. I like a nice cool brown suede so I can throw ?em on with some cool stuff and set it off. I?m kinda on that old dad swag right now. I can do me in ?em with out trying to do too much.”

Vans Authentic

Sir Michael Rocks: “I like the original Vans, low top joints with the laces in ?em. I like them for the same reason as the Keds but those are a little more sporty. If I?m throwing on a jersey I can throw on some Vans to hit it with the off color without doing too much. I wanted to give the Jordan game a little breather for a second and reflect on some other stuff; give it another look for a while.”

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