Chaos Ensues with the New MSCHF Gobstomper “Graylag Goose Edition”

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Where To Buy The MSCHF Gobstomper “Graylag Goose Edition”

MSCHF is back with the all-new MSCHF Gobstomper “Graylag Goose Edition.” This silhouette was first introduced by Jimmy Fallon and has released in a “Sour Edition” colorway since then.

Inspired by the timeless gobstoppers candy, the MSCHF Gobstomper only gets better with age as gradual wear-and-tear of the sneaker reveals colorful layers hidden beneath the upper.

Compared to past colorways, the “Graylag Goose Edition” goes for a softer approach as the upper appears understated with smooth Gray suede. Underneath the top layer, the sneaker will eventually reveal shades of Orange, Yellow, and Red.

This color palette is teased on the sneaker’s rigid midsole in the front, with the shoe’s chopped foot hangtag showing off the colors as well. This hangtag also inspires the graphic on the bottom of the midsole, which is outlined with Orange and Yellow waves.

The MSCHF Gobstomper “Graylag Goose Edition” drops on May 18, 2023. The retail price is set at $195. To purchase, hit and the MSCHF Sneakers App at 2pm ET. For more sneaker news and release dates, follow @NiceKicks on Twitter.

MSCHF Gobstomper “Graylag Goose Edition”

Style #:MSCHF009-GG
Release Date:May 18, 2023

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