Montreal Brothers Battle eBay Over $96,750 “Galaxy” Foams

Nov 15, 2013 | Jordan Howenstine |



Would you ever pay $96,750 for a pair of sneakers? Someone committed to pay that much the day after the Nike Air Foamposite One “Galaxy” released, and the sellers wanted to collect, but eBay had other thoughts. Only twenty minutes after a bid that was almost six figures was placed on two Montreal brothers’ auction for the Quickstrike Foams, eBay stepped in and canceled the auction themselves. Kevin and Thierry Mofo were selling on the auction site for the first time and had no history or feedback, so the online giant didn’t allow them to make almost a tenth of a million dollar sale. The brothers filed a lawsuit in Canadian Superior Court that was originally opposed by ebay because they stated in the fine print that all cases must be filed in California. Coming up on the two year anniversary since the release and ruckus, the Quebec Court of Appeal has ruled that the fine print is unreasonable and have allowed the sneaker resellers to officially take action.

A trial will most likely occur in 2015, with Kevin and Thierry Mofo expected to make out alright from their original $270 investment for the “Galaxy” Foamposites. Whether the bidder intended to actually pay for the item or not is unknown, but unfortunately this case might chalk one up for the resellers.

Source: Montreal Gazette


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