Michael Jordan’s 10 Best Games in the Air Jordan 5

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Every once in a while we need to be reminded how good Michael Jordan was. The 1989-90 season and the first half of the 1990-91 season saw MJ reaching championship form. On his feet were the Air Jordan 5s. Money did his thing in each OG colorway (minus the ?Grapes?) in what eventually culminated in taking the Bad Boys to seven games in the 1990 Eastern Conference Finals. The next year he?d get his first of six rings, but we look back at ten games in the Air Jordan 5 that got him there.

Air Jordan 5 White/Black-Fire Red

Date: 3/28/90
Victim: Cleveland Cavaliers
Stats: 69 Points, 18 Boards, 6 Dimes, 4 Rips

MJ’s best game ever? Statistically, yes.

Date: 3/20/90
Victim: New York Knicks
Stats: 49 Points, 12 Boards, 4 Dimes, 5 Rips

Pat and MJ have a history.

Date: 4/20/1990
Victim: Boston Celtics
Stats: 45 Points, 8 Boards, 9 Dimes, 72% FG

4/20 proved the perfect time to light up the Bird-less Celtics.

Date: 04/07/90
Victim: Dallas Mavericks
Stats: 43 Points, 4 Dimes, 60% 3PT

MJ went deep in the heart of Texas.

Air Jordan 5 White/Fire Red-Black

Date: 12/25/90
Victim: Detroit Pistons
Stats: 37 Points, 8 Boards, 3 Dimes, 3 Rips

Stuffing the Pistons’ stocking with coal in the Fire Reds? It’s only right.

Date: 12/21/90
Victim: Los Angeles Lakers
Stats: 35 Points, 15 Boards, 9 Dimes

Baby he’s Magic, tadah! The MJ’s switched roles a Jordan got the W and a near triple-double.

Date: 5/1/90
Victim: Milwaukee Bucks
Stats: 48 Points, 9 Boards, 5 Dimes

Peep the white laces.

Date: 5/9/90
Victim: Philadelphia 76ers
Stats: 45 Points, 8 Boards, 7 Dimes, 4 Rips

An all-around effort that looked effortless.

Date: 5/13/90
Victim: Philadelphia 76ers
Stats: 45 Points, 11 Dimes

No Pippen, no problem. Jordan didn’t have to out chuck Barkley by getting everyone involved.

Date: 5/26/90
Victim: Detroit Pistons
Stats: 47 Points, 10 Boards, 5 Dimes

Who’s bad? Jordan broke all the rules in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

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