Michael Jordan Responds to President Trump Rescinding Warriors White House Invitation

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During a rally in Huntsville, Alabama this past weekend, President Trump publicly rescinded his earlier invite for the NBA World Champion Golden State Warriors to visit the White House. This, of course, came after both Steph Curry and his coach, Steve Kerr, made it clear that they would not accept the president’s invite.

The back and forth between both the NBA and NFL and President Trump dominated the news this weekend, by in large creating a riff between what many see as different worlds – sports and politics. Michael Jordan, often known for mincing words when it comes to the latter, has been extremely vocal as of late, and didn’t bite his tongue when expressing his thoughts on President Trump’s divisive comments regarding the Warriors.

In a statement to the Charlotte Observer, Jordan had this to say:

“One of the fundamental rights this country is founded on was freedom of speech, and we have a long tradition of nonviolent, peaceful protest. Those who exercise the right to peacefully express themselves should not be demonized or ostracized. At a time of increasing divisiveness and hate in this country, we should be looking for ways to work together and support each other and not create more division. I support Commissioner Adam Silver, the NBA, its players and all those who wish to exercise their right to free speech.”

Michael Jordan’s comments today cap a long weekend public war of words and, even better, actions. Several NFL teams this Sunday kneeled during the national anthem while others chose to remain in the locker room during America’s song. Trailblazing activist, Colin Kaepernick, who sparked many of these ongoing protest, remains without NFL quarterbacking work.

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