1 on 1 With DezCustomz: One of the NFL’s Best Cleat Customizers

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With millions of fans and hundreds of camera angles displaying visuals of each and every game, the NFL has easily become by in large the “it thing” when it comes to American sports. As the game’s popularity grows, the abundance of players looking to make their name known is elevating as well. With penalties stiffening in regards to exuberant displays of individuality, many players are shifting their focus towards custom footwear. We spoke with DezCustomz, one of the more prominent up-and-coming custom cleat creators, about that exact trend. This DMV based artist displays a reserved and humble demeanor while his custom work continues to captivates those around the league, further ascending his name to into larger NFL circles. Check out our exclusive interview with DezCustomz as he talks all things NFL footwear.

Nice Kicks: What got you started with custom cleats?

DezCustomz: Last year, I did a couple for Mohamed Sanu and Arrelious Benn. The Mohamed Sanu pair was really the only pair to hit the field. However, towards the end of the 2013 season, a friend of mine from way back in the day, I’m talking someone I’ve been friends with for twenty-plus years, happened to know London Fletcher of Washington Redskins. So from there, they happened to speak one day and London Fletcher was like, “I would like to do something really cool for my last game, like a custom pair of cleats or something.” Our mutual friend knew that I did shoes and he literally called me, with London sitting right there beside him. You know, with me being such a huge fan– and specifically a Redskins fan– it was a bit of a moment for me. You know, you get butterflies and get a little bit emotional. That was definitely one of those moments you’ll remember.

Nice Kicks: Once you secured your first client within the NFL, did things begin to grow from there in regards to your NFL clientele?

Dezcustomz: Yes, London Fletcher was really the catalyst I would say. This year, very early before the season, DeAngelo Hall tweeted out: “Hey, London Fletcher, you have to put me in touch with your guy.” A bunch of my friends saw it and retweeted it out, and that led me to reached out to DeAngelo. Subsequently, DeAngelo Hall’s marketing manager reached out to me and we went from there. Then through DeAngleo Hall, Steve Smith of the Ravens contacted me and then various other Ravens reached out such as Tyrod Taylor, Torrey Smith, and Terrell Suggs.

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