Man Mistakes “Toro Bravo” Air Jordan 5 for OGs in Attempted Sale

Feb 14, 2011 | George Kiel III |



If you are attempting to sell a sneaker, you should definitely know the value in your hands first and foremost. In the video above, a person attempts to sell the black Air Jordan 5 via the “Toro Bravo” Pack for $500. Why would he assign such as hefty price tag to this 2009 release?

He told the Pawn Shop employees that, ‘a buddy of mine gave them to me about a year back and said they were the original shoes from back when Jordan won the championship in 1990.’

We are sure the owner of these sneakers thought he was going to walk away with a nice, hefty sum of money; however, the employee burst his bubble by letting him know these sneakers were not original and that they came out in 2009.

Lesson #1: Know what you have before attempting to sell a so-called original pair of Jordans.


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