Li-Ning BD Doom Performance Review

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Los Angeles Clippers point guard Baron Davis’s game may be on the decline (he’s definitely not where he used to be a few years ago), however, his Li-Ning signature sneaker line is undoubtedly on the rise. Baron’s first Li-Ning signature sneaker, the BD Doom, was definitely one of the head-turners during our Kicks? On Court this year, and it received positive remarks from you weekly.

With that said, we put the Li-Ning BD Doom through a performance test to see if performed just as good as it looks. Hit the jump to view our official Li-Ning BD Doom Performance Review and share your thoughts on this sneaker. Do you own a Li-Ning BD Doom? If so, do you agree with out performance review?

Li-Ning BD Doom Performance Review

Strengths: The Li-Ning BD Doom is unlike any other basketball sneaker currently on the market. Its immense, bulky build seems ideal for the power forward and centers of the sport; yet, it possesses attributes that are standard to a typical point guard/shooting guard’s game. With that said, the Li-Ning BD Doom seems to fit a player like Baron Davis; one who possesses stalwart physical structure and is quick and light on his/her feet at the same time. Davis is not you average point guard’s size (6’3″ 215lbs.); however, he is still one of the better point guards in the league at getting where he wants to with quickness. Nevertheless, the Li-Ning BD Doom aids Davis’s ‘power’ game by specializing in traction and directional support.

The Li-Ning BD Doom owns one of the better traction constructions seen in awhile on a basketball sneaker. This player-friendly attribute is present because of the Li-Ning BD Doom’s decoupled heel which provides mechanical cushioning and traction. In addition, a reformed, classic herringbone pattern supplies the player with superior grip that is helpful on the indoor and outdoor courts. Lastly, the outsole possesses an abundance of ridges and indents as well. All three characteristics form together and provide the wearer with extreme recovery time. In detail, one is able to recover very easily after being out of position offensively or defensively.

As for directional support, the Li-Ning BD Doom owns a dynamic lacing system in the eyestay and forefoot zones that help customized the sneaker to your foot. Therefore, the Li-Ning BD Doom feels as if it is connected with your foot no matter how quick you move on the court. This attribute definitely comes in handy when pivoting and making quick cuts such as attempting to cut someone off defensively or making sharp cuts to the basket on the offensive end. The TPU heel, toe inserts and the TPU lateral forefoot also aid to this advantage on the hardwood.

Weaknesses: It’s very contradicting how low-cut sneakers such as the Nike Zoom Kobe IV, the Nike Zoom Kobe V and the Nike Hyperdunk Low actually own viable ankle support, yet, the Li-Ning BD Doom, a sneaker that possesses a mid-cut silhouette, does not own as much ankle support. Besides the leather construction of the shoe, there is not much focus around the ankle.

Secondly, the aforementioned decoupled heel obviously provides the wearer with extreme traction; however, it also makes the shoe feel unbalanced at times. Li-Ning used its Bounce technology in the forefoot and incorporated its Cushion technology in the heel; this construction provides the player with anything but a constant feel throughout the entire footbed. It almost feels as if you are playing on a enlarged heel similar to Nike’s Shox technology.

Overview: The Li-Ning BD Doom is a basketball sneaker that can provide a player with some much-needed advantages on the court. Traction and directional support are key especially on the outdoor courts where surfaces are not as smooth ans balanced at times. It herringbone pattern, along with multiple ridges and a decoupled heel, allows you to be quick on your feet and play low to the ground without losing balance. While it does possess some flaws such as breathability and ankle support, it is still a good basketball shoe to bring out every once in awhile.

Multiple colorways are now available at Click here to view detailed photos of various Li-Ning BD Doom colorways along with some shots of Baron Davis wearing his first Li-Ning signature sneaker on court.

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