LeBron James Once Turned Down $10 Million Deal from Reebok

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Can you imagine being offered a $10 million deal from a major sportswear brand while still in high school? If not it’s ok; that just means you’re not LeBron James.

Undeniably the most highly coveted high school athlete of all time, James had to deal with a ton at a very young age. In a new interview with Uninterrupted, James talks with his business manager Maverick Carter about navigating monumental life decisions at a time when he wasn’t even out of high school. Decisions like taking a $10 million check from Reebok and going to home room in the morning. “I flew in from Akron, Ohio, from Spring Hill…from the projects,” James recalls. “Our rent was like $17 USD a month. And now I’m looking at a $10 million USD check that I can leave with and go back to high school the next day.”

James, even in his youth, had the foresight to know that if Reebok was willing to give him $10 million just to forego meetings with Nike and adidas, that other major brands would offer him more. Potentially a lot more. They did, of course, and now following a very lucrative initial deal with Nike, he has a lifetime contract with the brand reportedly worth $1 billion.

Head over to Uninterrupted to watch the full interview here.

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