Air Zoom Generation Wheat/Gold

This colorway was released more for Lebron than anyone. Lebron had been quoted many times saying that his dream was to one day play a game in Timberland boots. Now since boots wouldn’t provide the best form of cushioning and since the company doesn’t have enough change for a $90 Million dollar endorsement, Nike had to come up with something else.

Lebron got to fulfill his dream when he stepped onto the court of the 2004 NBA Rookie Game wearing the wheat colored Air Zoom Generations. These were released right after the White/Red Air Zoom Generations and did not catch on well enough. Many hit the outlets where one could find a nice deal. Many speculate that the problem was that Nike released too many colorways of the Air Zoom Generation too close to each other, that these didn’t have a fighting chance against the others. Whatever the case may be, many got a good deal on these shoes and there are many people still wearing these today as an off the court casual shoe – an alternative to Timberland boots, how ironic.

Air Zoom Generation
Release date: 02/11/2004 | $110 USD
308214-771 Wheat/Wheat-Gold