Kobe’s Rarest Game-Worn PEs All Reside Here

Kobe Bryant has superfans.

Since entering the NBA as a 17-year-old rookie from Philly, Jelly Bean Jr. has amassed a following of fanatics that range from California to the Philippines.

Today in the latest episode of coiski’s iCollect, we find the biggest Kobe collection in the world actually resides in Beijing.

George Kiel traveled out to the Far East to meet up with with Xinjie, a sneaker enthusiast who owns one of the rarest kick collections in the world. His “Sneakerseum” is loaded with game-worn Kobes and even never-before-seen player exclusives made for the Black Mamba.

You won’t believe this one. Check it out above and keep up with @xinjie_24 for updates to this Kobe collection.

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