Kobe Bryant Will Sign Your Nikes, but Not Your adidas

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Last night was perhaps the most storybook sendoff ever for an all-time great. Kobe Bryant was more than vintage, he was marvelous, dropping 60 points and giving it all he got in a fitting win for one of the most dedicated hoopers to ever grace this earth.

Throughout his retirement tour, Kobe has been gifting and signing pairs of his Nike Kobe 11 sneaker for his NBA brethren across the league. Sure, this is part promotional as the shoe is currently for sale, but it’s awesome nonetheless.

Lakers teammate and KOC favorite Nick Young, who made the opposite crossover of Kobe by switching from Nikes to adidas earlier this season, apparently asked the Black Mamba to sign a pair of his former Three Striped sneakers. Continuing his hot shooting streak, Kobe tossed the sneakers in the trash.

It was reported that Kobe later signed a pair of Nikes for Swaggy P, which makes sense — Nick’s a collector and they’re friends. Kobe’s also a businessman ready for his post-basketball career, as seen by the Body Armor towel and sport drink that were immediately picked up right after the spectacular performance. A pair of autographed adidas on Swaggy P’s IG post game? Nike’s not gonna like that.

With that said, this differs icon to icon, deal to deal. For reference, Kanye still signs Nike Air Yeezys, but the role/feeling of being a designer is one quite different from that of an endorser and that can even extend to contract (think about the old sports card/license autographed deals). Bottom line, if you see Kobe, make sure have sure you have a Swoosh to go with that Sharpie. And if you are wearing adidas, you still might get a pic!

Sources: Complex & College Spun

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