Kobe Bryant Reportedly Explored the Possibility of Starting a Sneaker Company

Kobe Bryant always searched for more. Whether on or off the court, the Mamba strived for greatness in every aspect. According to a set of Tweets, Bryant explored the possibility of leaving Nike and starting his own sneaker company.

Kobe Bryant met with Shervin in late December of 2019, according to Shervin. Bryant was reportedly exploring the idea of starting Mamba, a shoe company owned by players.

Darren Rovell, a former ESPN Sports Business Analyst, responded to the Shervin’s statements in a Tweet and later with an exclusive quote to Nice Kicks about the meeting.

It was a pitch meeting. He was exploring his options, He wasn’t far along in separating from Nike. That’s garbage. [what Shervin said was] unfair. He [Kobe] doesn’t deserve to be dragged when he can’t defend himself. It’s sad enough that he’s not here with us.

Darren Rovell

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