Kicks On Court: Kobe & Sheed Share Top Shoe Honors in Game 1

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Kobe Bryant and Rasheed Wallace are simply staples in our Kicks On Court daily. Bryant seems to wear limitless colorways of the Nike Zoom Kobe V, while Rasheed Wallace excites us all with his high-top Nike Air Force 1s (even though he shelved it for the Nike Zoom Sharkalaid a couple of weeks ago). In last night’s game 1 of the 2010 NBA Finals, both players debuted new colorways of the aforementioned models that will undoubtedly catch your eye.

As we expected, Kobe Bryant laced up the “Big Stage” Nike Zoom Kobe V that surfaced on the web just yesterday. Although the subtle “Big Stage” Kobe V color scheme doesn’t seem to coincide with the Lakers jerseys as other Kobe Vs have, this shoe features a deeper connection with the Black Mamba. Kobe Bryant’s 2009-2010 NBA season stats are embossed on the mostly white base. They include 2835 (total minutes played), 25,970 (total points scored by the end of the season), 365 (season assist) 391 (rebounds), 27pt (ppg game average) 2010 (All Star) 73 (Games played) and 02.01.10 (the day he became the All Time Leading Scorer for the Lakers with 25,207 points scored).

On the contrary, Rasheed Wallace sported a never-before-seen, green patent leather colorway of the Nike Air Force 1 Hi. In detail, the ‘Celtic Green’ patent leather is accompanied by a sole of the same color and offset by black laces, a black Rasheed Wallace logo (heel) and a white inner lining. It is safe to say this sneaker is arguably one of Sheed’s best Air Force 1s seen to date. If it were to release, would you purchase? View these kicks plus more worn by Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Ron Artest and others below.

Kobe Bryant wearing the "Big Stage" Nike Zoom Kobe V
Kobe Bryant in the "Big Stage" Nike Zoom Kobe V
Kobe Bryant dunking in the "Big Stage" Nike Zoom Kobe V
Rasheed Wallace wearing a green patent leather Nike Air Force 1 Hi
Rajon Rondo wearing the Nike Hyperfuse and Rasheed Wallace wearing a green patent leather Nike Air Force 1 Hi
Rasheed Wallace posting up in a green patent leather Nike Air Force 1 Hi
Paul Pierce in the Nike Air Legacy
Ron Artest handling the rock while wearing his Peak signature sneaker
Ray Allen wearing the Jordan Icons
Andrew Bynum wearing his Protege signature sneaker

Source: Yahoo

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